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  • The CS3W-405PB-AG module from Canadian Solar is made of polycrystalline PERC cells and utilizes a bifacial design to provide up to 30% more power from the rear side. Split-cell construction makes these modules more shade tolerant as well. The CS3W-405PB-AG provides a maximum 405 watts and achieves up to 23.59% efficiency under standard testing conditions when including bifacial gain. The CS3W-405PB-AG is backed by a 12-year product warranty and 30-year linear performance warranty.

    Canadian Solar BiHiKu Super high power BIFACIAL Poly Module 405W 33pcs

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  • 144HC M10 SL Bifacial Module 44 Half-Cut Monocrystalline 520W – 540W

    144HC M10 SL Bifacial Module – 144 Half-Cut Monocrystalline 520W – 540W

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  • ZNSHINE 425-450W Bifacial 144Cell

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