Hyundai Solar Panel 72Cell

370W Solar Module 72 Cell Silver 40MM, one pallet.

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27pcs Hyundai Solar Panel 72Cell

Look at the specific features of the solar panel and decide whether you should move ahead with the purchase.

Stunning Performance: The 370w Hyundai solar panel works exceptionally without making any noise. It is as efficient as other green technology sources but does not produce an annoying sound. The coated glass on the solar panel is anti-reflective in nature. Three bypass diodes are present to keep the solar panel functioning even during the partial shade.

Highly Durable: The 370w Hyundai solar panel is highly durable. It can keep functioning for as long as ten years. The sturdy frame is made of aluminum alloy. It protects the solar panel from damage. The frame is made of type 6063 aluminum alloy. The connectors in the solar panel are prone to different weather, such as rain or storm.

Consumes Little Space: The 370w solar panel does not take too much space. You don’t need a huge space to fit the solar panel. The space on the rooftop does not come to use most of the time. But the solar panel can be fixed on the rooftop, and the space can be put to use. Since the solar panel is not too huge, you can get creative regarding where to place it.

Protection For Your Roof: If you fit the 370w solar panel on the roof, it can protect your roof to a great extent. The solar panel can improve the insulation on the roof. It protects the roof against sun, rain, and storm. The solar panel can keep the heat down during the summers. On the other hand, the house can stay warm during the winter.

Fast Delivery and Low Price: The 370w solar panel available at our store is shipped without charges, and the delivery is completed within three days. We have set a low price for the product as well.

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  • 144 half cells (2 parallel x 72 half cells in series)
  • Anti-reflection coated glass
  • Sturdy aluminum alloy type 6063 frame
  • 4mm¬≤ (12AWG) cables with weatherproof connectors
  • IP67 weatherproof junction box (UL Listed)
  • 3 bypass diodes to prevent power decrease by partial shade
  • The¬†HiAS370HI¬†features a clear anodized aluminum frame
  • Fast and¬†low price¬†mounting, delivered ready for connection
  • Made in Hyundai Heavy Industries‚Äô Factory in Korea


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