Astronergy 410W M Bifacial 144Cell

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400W~415W Monocrystalline PV Module CHSM72M(DG)/F-BH Series (158.75), CHSM72M(DG)/F-BH is bifacial module with white glazed glass.

12-year Warranty for Materials and Processing
30-year Warranty for Extra Linear Power Output (1st year ≤ 2.0%, 2nd~30th years ≤ 0.45% / year)

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36 pcs Astronergy 410W M Bifacial 144Cell


Astronergy 410W M Bifacial 144Cell +5W OUTPUT POSITIVE TOLERANCE Guaranteed 0~+5W positive tolerance to ensure power output. INNOVATIONAL HALF-CUT TECHNOLOGY Better shading tolerance, higher reliability. INNOVATIONAL MULTI-BUSBAR TECHNOLOGY Higher light absorption, lower risk of microcrack. SUPER PERC+ CELL TECHNOLOGY Module efficiency and higher power and ,lower power degradation. BIFACIAL POWER Up to 25% additional power gain from rear side APPLICABLE FOR MULTI DIFFERENT ENVIRONMENTS Wide range of applications, such as snow areas, high humidity areas and strong sandstorm areas, etc.


Power rating (front)400 Wp405 Wp410 Wp415 Wp
Testing ConditionFrontBackFrontBackFrontBackFrontBack
STC rated output (Pmpp/Wp)400282405285410289415292
Rated voltage (Vmpp/V) at STC40.6740.8840.8941.1041.1041.3141.3141.52
(lmpp/A) Rated current at STC9.846.899.916.949.986.9910.057.04
Open circuit voltage (Voc/V) at STC48.2446.8248.4246.9948.6047.1748.7847.34
Short circuit current (Isc/A) at STC10.307.2210.387.2810.467.3310.547.39
Module efficiency19.4%13.7%19.7%13.8%19.9%14.0%20.2%14.2%

Temperature coefficient (Pmpp)    – 0.35%/°C (Isc) Temperature coefficient     +0.035%/°C (Voc) Temperature coefficient     – 0.28%/°C Nominal module operating temperature (NMOT)      41±2°C Maximum system voltage (IEC/UL)     1500VDC Number of diodes     3 Junction box IP rating     IP 68 Maximum series fuse rating     20 A

(Integrated power)
Pmpp gainPmppVmppImppVocIsc
5%431 Wp41.10 V10.47 A48.60 V10.98 A
10%451 Wp41.10 V10.97 A48.60 V11.51 A
15%472 Wp41.00 V11.50 A48.70 V12.03 A
20%492 Wp41.00 V12.00 A48.70 V12.55 A
25%513 Wp41.00 V12.50 A48.70 V13.08 A

Electrical characteristics with different rear power gain (reference to 410W)


 Outer dimensions (L x W x H) 2038 x 1010 x 30 mm  Frame technology Aluminum, silver anodized  Glass thickness 2.0 mm  Cable length (IEC/UL) Portrait: 350 mm  Landscape: 1200 mm  Cable diameter (IEC/UL) 4 mm² / 12 AWG  ① Maximum mechanical test load 5400 Pa (front) / 2400 Pa (back)  Connector type (IEC/UL) HCB40 / MC4-EVO2


① Module Weight    26.3 kg ② Packing unit    36 pcs / box Weight of packing unit (for 40‘HQ container) 994 kg Number of modules per 40‘HQ container 792 pcs ① Tolerance +/- 1.0kg      ② Subject to sales contract

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Astronergy 410W M Bifacial 144Cell


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