Astronergy 450W Mono 144Cell

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445W~455W Monocrystalline PV Module, CHSM72M-HC Series (166)

12 Years Warranty for Materials and Processing

25 Years Warranty for Extra Linear Power Output (1st year ≤ 2.0%, 2nd~25th years ≤ 0.55% / year)

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31pcs Astronergy 450W Mono 144Cell


31pcs Astronergy 450W Mono 144Cell, 445W~455W CHSM72M-HC Series (166) and Monocrystalline PV Module +5W OUTPUT POSITIVE TOLERANCE Guaranteed 0~+5W positive tolerance to ensure power output. INNOVATIONAL MULTI-BUSBAR TECHNOLOGY Higher light absorption, lower risk of microcrack PID RESISTANCE Excellent PID resistance. INNOVATIONAL HALF-CUT TECHNOLOGY Better shading tolerance, higher reliability SUPER PERC+ CELL TECHNOLOGY Higher module power and module efficiency, lower power degradation.

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STC rated output (Pmpp)                    445 Wp   450 Wp        455 Wp Rated voltage (Vmpp) at STC             41.05 V    41.32 V        41.51 V Rated current (lmpp) at STC               10.84 A    10.89 A        10.96 A Open circuit voltage (Voc) at STC       48.80 V   49.05 V        49.35 V Short circuit current (Isc) at STC        11.30 A    11.37 A         11.44 A Module Efficiency                                       20.1%           20.4%          20.6% Rated output (Pmpp) at NMOT            330.8 Wp  334.5 Wp    338.2 Wp Rated voltage (Vmpp) at NMOT           38.12 V     38.37 V       38.55 V Rated current (Impp) at NMOT             8.68 A        8.72 A        8.78 A Open circuit voltage (Voc) at NMOT    45.70 V     45.94 V      46.22 V Short circuit current (Isc) at NMOT     9.10 A        9.16 A        9.22 A

Temperature Efficient (Pmpp)     – 0.35%/° C
Temperature Efficient (Isc)     + 0.050%/° C
Temperature Efficient  (Voc)     – 0.27%/° C
Nominal Module Operating Temperature NMOT   41±2° C
Maximum System Voltage (IEC/UL) 1500V DC
Number of diodes  3
Junction box rating   IP 68
Maximum Series fuse rating 20A


Outer dimensions (L x W x H)   2108 x 1048 x 35 mm Frame technology  Aluminum, silver anodized Module composition Glass / EVA / Backsheet (white) Front glass thickness 3.2 mm Cable length (IEC/UL) Portrait: 350 mm Landscape: 1300 mm Cable diameter (IEC/UL) 4 mm² / 12 AWG ① Maximum mechanical test load 5400 Pa (front) / 2400 Pa (back) Fire performance (IEC/UL) Class C (IEC) or Type 1 (UL) Connector type (IEC/UL) MC4 compatible ① Refer to Astronergy crystalline installation manual or contact technical department. And maximum Mechanical Test Load=1.5×Maximum Mechanical Design Load.


① Weight (module only)  24.0 kg ② Packing unit  31 pcs / box Weight of packing unit (for 40‘HQ container) 791 kg Number of modules per 40‘HQ container 682 pcs ① Tolerance +/- 1.0kg ② Subject to sales contract Astronergy 450W Mono 144Cell

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